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This course is designed for anybody trading Forex without a consistent record of success, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned trader. To be successful in forex a trader must consistently get 2 things right, the direction & how much to risk (money management). Both these aspects are given a lot of emphasis in the course.

This methodology involves price action analysis across 3 time-frames to greatly increase accuracy of the direction decision.

The other vital aspect is equity management, also known as risk management. The biggest pitfall for traders is taking profits too soon and taking losses too late. This course deals with this aspect most thoroughly so students understand how to protect their accounts and grow it systematically.

You will learn different tools including:

This course is filled with market examples and analysis of historical charts. We deliver knowledge as close to real-time as you can get!

The pinnacle of the course is developing the student’s skill by putting all this knowledge and information together to make sound trading decisions within a moving market.

This is a must for anybody who wants to learn how to consistently increase the net worth of their accounts.

150 Pages of Forex Instruction

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