Extra Income

Develop an extra income from wherever you are. All you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and the knowledge from this course.

Proven Strategies

There is a set of rules to be learned about market behavior and price action. Once learned, it will stay with you for a lifetime! We will teach you Proven Strategies, indicators, and techniques in 4 live classes.

Verifiable Success

My trading account has been verified by myfxbook (click on icon above), a third-party verification authority. The account shows a growth of over 85% within 8 months!

Successful Clients

The strategies taught in our classes is easily duplicated by clients to create their own ongoing success in the market. We provide ongoing support for all students! Here's what they say.


Learn Proven Strategies

Successful Forex trading involves learning a methodology and rigorously adhering to it for each trade you take. Our methodology is thoroughly spelled out in our lessons and is completely duplicate-able for all of our students.

There is a set of rules governing market behavior & price action. Once learned it will stay with you for a lifetime!

The market does the exact same thing over & over again, so it is possible to predict with high accuracy what the price will do next.

Learn Risk-Free on a Free Demo Account

The tutor will help each student to open a demo account with a broker of their choice. As the funds in the demo account are not real, it is an ideal place to practice the methodology that is taught without any risk to the student.

Once the student achieves some level of consistency, they can then open a small, live account & trade the same methodology on the open market.

4 X 2-Hrs Trading Class with a live tutor

You will have 4-weekly lessons, each 2-hours in duration.

Lessons are conducted using an online interactive video platform with a live tutor in attendance. All students can see and interact with the tutor with questions and clarifications throughout the lesson.

During these 4 lessons the tutor will use a step-by-step building blocks approach assuming no prior knowledge of Forex Trading. Lessons are sequential & the next lesson will further build on knowledge obtained from the previous lesson.

The course aims to impart knowledge & skills necessary for profitable Forex Trading so the student would be able to confidently apply strategies for success.


After the lessons are over the Tutor would be a Forex Coach for students. This would involve short 15-minute coaching sessions on any issue the student has about Forex trading, trading software, advise & guidance. These sessions would be initiated by the individual student & would be conducted on an interactive video platform with the Tutor present.

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What Some of Our students say

I was introduced to Forex trading step by step. The teaching style was very student focused. I was able to learn at my pace. Now I know how to trade. I did not realize the amount of science involved in Forex trading. I am grateful to the Teacher, as I have another source of income in my retirement.

- Grace

The Forex trading strategies I learned were awesome. It gave me a solid understanding of when to trade, & when to be out of the market. I recommend this course for anybody who wants to develop another stream of income using your computer and an internet connection

- Arif