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Saman Warnasuriya, Toronto Forex Tutor

My name is Saman, I am a Career Coach by profession & have helped almost 2,000 clients move towards their career aspirations here in Canada. I am a qualified Employment Counsellor, a Teacher/Trainer of Adults & also a Life Skills Coach.

This education helps me to be a better teacher, to understand my students’ strengths better, and to introduce Forex Trading principles in an easy to understand format. My Forex trading lessons are very interactive & is done over an interactive video platform using the Internet. See what students have to say.

My trading career has been very vivid. I started as a complete novice 8 years ago & since then has achieved the status of a consistent trader. That would mean that I am able to extract profits consistently from the market. My most recent account records over 85% growth in just 8 months which has been verified by MyFXBook, a third party verification authority of Forex Trading accounts.

My passion in life is trading & teaching Forex & I invite you to take the course once & learn skills that will remain with you for a lifetime of trading.

I currently reside close to Toronto Canada with my wife and two beautiful daughters.

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My Trading History

Check out the charts below to follow how my trading has improved over the past few years.

My Trading Account History 2016
2017 Trading Records
My Trading Account History 2017
2019 Trading Records
My Trading Account History 2019
My Trading Account History 2020

My trading account has been verified by myfxbook, a third-party verification authority.

The account shows a growth of over 85% within 8-months!

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